A Vegan's Guide to Causeway Bay



Ever been lost wandering around the iconic streets of Causeway Bay - in search for a vegan option, but unsure where to head? Fear not! Here is your long awaited, highly requested blog post dedicated to guiding you around the most commonly traversed district:

Gaia Veggie

If you’re looking for dumplings, 雞絲粉皮, soft-shell ‘crab’ sushi, and other traditional delicacies that are typically not served meatless, then Gaia Veggie is the perfect restaurant for you! It is situated on Hennessy road, next to Hysan place, and this hidden gem is perfect for family gatherings or any large event that requires ordering more than two dishes. The menu contains just about everything you want (I was surprised to find ‘salmon’ sushi, mango-topped sushi, and many many more), but without the ingredients you want to avoid, and the food all tastes delicious.


上海生煎皇堅信號 King of Sheng Jian

Probably the most affordable vegan eatery that exists in Hong Kong (or at least in Causeway Bay) is this little dumpling store located a street away from Times Square. Not everything is vegan friendly, but they have a vegetarian lunch set available (that comes with a drink, main, and a side), and you can also order individual items. What would be the most meat-centric dishes (dumplings, beef noodles, etc) were transformed into vegan-friendly meals after a collaboration with Green Monday, and now this restaurant caters to almost everyone! Their dumplings and dan dan noodles are a must-try if you visit this restaurant, and you can easily recognize them on the menu as they are green in colour. There are even diagrams and instructions posted around the restaurant and on the table to guide you as you take your first bite out of this beautiful creation.


Kung Tak Lam Shanghai Vegetarian Cuisine

Another one of those family-centric, traditional dim-sum restaurants, Kung Tak Lam is situated on the tenth floor of World Trade Center and offers a wide range of vegetarian dishes - from Shanghainese sticky rice cakes to sweet and sour ‘pork’ to vegan cha siu bao. On the pricier end of the spectrum, this restaurant is good for family gatherings, large group events, and once again, anything that allows you to share the food around as it’s best to get a taste of every dish. However, if you have fewer people sitting around, you may also opt for the singular dishes such as spicy dan dan noodles and other individual buns. In other words, there’s something for everyone, and the wide range of food caters to all food preferences.


Leisurely Veggie

I was initially drawn to this place because of its large array of desserts, until I realized that this is a vegetarian restaurant and not a vegan one (like most others on this list). Still, most dishes on their menu are vegan, and the options vary greatly so - from ‘chicken’ Thai curry, to a ‘chicken’ drumstick (pictured below), you’ll be surprised by the diverse range of food that they offer. However, there is a minimum spending that you should watch out for if you ever visit this restaurant as it is an extremely high price of $200 (but if you go with more people, the waiters tend to lower the bar). If you go for one of the set meals, it may be easier to meet the target spending, but if you, like me, prefer to order several small dishes, then you can get a taste of a variety of dishes as well.


The Vegvolution Kitchen

I visited this restaurant a couple years back - before I created this blog or started using my Instagram account - so I currently don’t have any photos to share. However, I do recall the food at this restaurant to be extremely tasty - a menu filled with fusion dishes such as burgers, tempura, cheesy pasta, and the prime location of the makes it convenient and worthwhile to visit. They also have the option of set lunch/dinner available, and it can be a great way to get a taste of all their delicious dishes!