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5 Tips to Kick-start Your Vegan Journey

A common phrase I hear is: I would love to go vegan, but I’m not sure where to start! In this post, I dish out five top tips that worked for me when transitioning into veganism that will hopefully guide you in doing the same.

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The Easiest Way to Reduce Your Environmental Impact

Environmental issues are challenging to grapple with, but with current reports indicating that we’re left with 12 years to reverse our damage, it’s crucial that we take action now. Learn about the most effective way to reduce your carbon footprint and how to integrate this into your daily life.

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Are You Really an Environmentalist If You Still Consume Meat?

Studies show that meat consumption is the single greatest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, and as a result, climate change. Although I try to be inclusive with different methods of activism, one controversial question that has been stuck with me is: are you really an environmental activist if you still consume meat? In this post, I discuss my perspective on this issue.

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