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20 Cheap Vegan Eats in Hong Kong Below $50 HKD

Veganism in Hong Kong should be accessible, attainable, and inclusive. So, with hopes to combat the misconception that veganism is always expensive, detailed below are ten of my favourite eateries in Hong Kong that offer options that are both affordable and enjoyable.

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5 Delicious Vegan Eats in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Ever been lost wandering around the iconic streets of Causeway Bay—in search for a vegan option but unsure where to head? Listed in this post are five of my favourite vegan restaurants situated the most commonly traversed district of Hong Kong.

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6 Places to Eat Authentic Vegan Dim Sum in Hong Kong

As a visitor of Hong Kong, one thing you must do is have a meal of dim sum. However, dim sum often consists of pork, beef, and various other forms of meat. In this post, I have compiled a list of all the best restaurants in Hong Kong that serve vegan dim sum options so you can check off all the items off your Hong Kong buckets list without compromising your dietary choices.

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