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My Ever-Changing Views on Everyday Activism

Back in April, I conducted a TEDx talk on the topic of Everyday Activism. I’ve always believed that individual actions—regardless of how small they seem—have the capacity to instigate widespread social change. However, as I begin to expose myself to articles covering the subjects of environmental justice and climate change, my views have grown increasingly unsettled.

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Embarking on a "Zero-Waste" Journey...One Year Later

This time last year, I wrote an article titled Embarking on a Zero-Waste journey. One year later, I reflect on the process, my thoughts, and realizations.

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Are You Really an Environmentalist If You Still Consume Meat?

Studies show that meat consumption is the single greatest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, and as a result, climate change. Although I try to be inclusive with different methods of activism, one controversial question that has been stuck with me is: are you really an environmental activist if you still consume meat? In this post, I discuss my perspective on this issue.

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