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I Collected All My Plastic For 10 Days. Here's What I Discovered.

As a member of Bye Bye Plastic Bags Hong Kong, I spent the 7th-16th of January participating in a Zero Waste challenge where I collected all the plastic I used in a 16 ounce mason jar. The objective was to monitor the amount of daily plastic consumed and devise creative ways to limit what goes in - all the while having fun and raising awareness through sharing my progress through Instagram.

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Zero Waste Street Food

Taipei is famous for its night markets that sell food ranging from frog legs to tofu. However, many of these stalls sell their snacks in disposable containers that can end up being extremely wasteful. Find out how I managed to enjoy this food without contributing to this waste!

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Embarking on a Zero Waste Journey

After working at Hong Kong’s first ever zero-waste bulk food grocery store, I was overwhelmed upon entering a regular supermarket. Here, I write about some realizations that I encountered through working in the sustainbility industry and my future plans to reduce waste.

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