Itinerary: A Day of Eating in Hong Kong's Western District

1. Breakfast at Ohms Cafe & Bar

2. Lunch at MANA! Cafe

3. Snacks at LN Fortunate Coffee

4. Dinner at Kind Kitchen

Recommend items: The JUST Egg French Toast, no doubt. 

(would not recommend the Gyozas as they were extremely bland!) 

After eating at Kind Kitchen, you can shop around at the nextdoor Green Common, where you can find plenty of vegan snacks, microwavable food, and fake meats! 

5. Dessert at Happy Cow

Recommended flavour: Dragon berry


Ohms is one of the very few restaurants in Hong Kong where you can order a simple stack of fluffy pancakes, enjoy it with a bottle of Kombucha, and top that all of with a cup of Happy Cow while enjoying their free Wifi and the cozy atmosphere of their enclosed space. Quite difficult to find at first, Ohm's almost hidden location contributes to the peaceful environment of the restaurant - making it a perfect location to read emails, write a blogpost, or simply enjoy their food. They also have a huge range of raw vegan desserts available (but quite pricey). 



[This restaurant is closed on Tuesdays]

Another hidden gem of a restaurant, MANA! Cafe is much less crowded than the well-known MANA! located on Wellington Street in Central. This is due to the fact that it has only been newly established and that it is also quite difficult to locate. This is a short walk from Ohms cafe, and once you find it, you'll be greeted with a cozy interior, but you will also be given the option of outdoor seating. The food is wonderful, and they have an admirable dedication to promoting sustainability, so there is free 'sky juice' (truth be told, I was quite disappointed when I found out this 'juice' was actually just water) available on tap with reusable cups available! There are also multiple bins to organise your waste based on what's compostable and what's not. 

Recommended items: The Einstein Open Flat (exclusive to this branch of MANA!) and The Kinda Cookie (created by the talented @6thshare!)

You may have to take a little detour to arrive at LN Fortunate Coffee (no worries, it's very conveniently located near the Sai Ying Pun MTR Exit B2), but trust me, the short journey will be worth it. Here, you can find the most typical snacks, but with a twist in that they're all vegan. I'm talking egg waffles, cupcakes, satay, 'chicken' nuggets, you name it! Click here for a more detailed review of this restaurant! Recommended items: Satay and the Matcha Cupcake.

While you're near the MTR anyway, you might as well hop back on and ride over to Sheung Wan (a short walk from Exit E), and have dinner at Kind Kitchen - the first ever vegan diner to introduce Omnipork! Here, they have Asian food such as the famous Dan Dan noodles and Banh Mi, Western food such as Spaghetti Bolognese and the Beyond Burger (with apple puree!), and they have some of the best French Toast you'll find in Hong Kong, made with vegan egg (JUST egg). 


Last, but not least, just in case you weren't full after your feast at Kind Kitchen, what you can do now is take a (long) walk to the Observation wheel (opposite Central Pier 10) and get yourself a cup of Happy Cow ice cream. Although you can just get Happy Cow from the freezer in Green Common, the overall experience of eating out of a waffle cone is a hundred times better, and it's cheaper (if you're a student)! Additionally, the flavour I recommended, the dragon berry flavour, is not yet available in Green Common. Think of it this way: if you're going to spoil yourself with some delicious dairy-free ice cream, you might as well make the trek there to reactivate your food cravings, and the ice cream will taste even better than usual. ;)