2018 Recap: A Vegan Journey

As someone who can no longer envision a life without monthly - sometimes even weekly - vegan adventures, I thought it would be nice to reminisce on how veganism has transformed my life in 2018. This posts marks significant milestones that I achieved throughout the year and highlights that are a pleasure to remember.

March 17th: @vegan.hk was RE-BORN

Fun fact: My account was actually created in May 2017 (good thing I hogged this username early); however, after a few posts and around 47 followers, I decided to make it private. I was later inspired by a conversation that I had with my friend to re-start this account, and I couldn’t be more glad that I did.

April 5th: Hit 600 followers and posted my first review-length post

My friend suggested that I should start writing longer review-style captions for my food posts to potentially secure partnerships with restaurants and other food stores. At first, I laughed at the prospect of ever being that ‘influential’, but it was probably some of the best advice I have ever received!

May 2nd: Invited to taste Sweet Secrets cupcakes’ Mother’s Day Special

It was the first day of my study leave for exams, but I couldn’t turn down the opportunity to taste vegan cupcakes! Took my mom along with me, and we had a few samples of these delicious desserts.

June 28th: Went to Bali, tried out restaurants and cafes that I’ve only ever seen through Instagram and learnt to cook my own vegan food 

July 10th: Started my blog

Another thing that I’ve always wanted to do, but I never had ideas for content. Good thing I’m now obsessed with all things sustainability-related, so I was finally able to begin a blog.

August 25th: Invited to try Pizza Express’ newest vegan dishes

Never thought this would ever happen, and yet it did. Still in disbelief.

September 29th: Hit 2000 followers and hosted my second giveaway

October 6th: Had our first ever BBPB meeting - pretty much a vegan gathering

First encounter with the awe-inspiring Hong Kong vegan community

October 17th: Attended VEGFEST with Cheryl and Grace, met Agnese for the first time

November 1st: Hosted our first VEGAN bake sale at school


November 10th: Attended Green Fest and met Kelly from @herbivore.hk

December 15th: Celebrated Supabowl’s 1st birthday, went to the zero-waste Christmas fair hosted by Green Queen, and ate too much dessert at Keikei’s delicious vegan dessert buffet

March 31st: Tried JAJAMBAO for the first time


April 14th: My first time being sponsored :’) Thank you, Uncle Saba’s

It was back when I didn’t even know there was such thing as message requests, and I nearly dropped my phone when I recognized the message as an invitation to try out and promote their products. This brand will always be remembered as my greatest milestone in the vegan scene, and the lentil chips tasted delicious, too!


June 18th: Hit 1000 followers and hosted my first giveaway

July 1st: Hit my one year Veganniversary and posted my 100th post on Instagram

July 9th: Started my Summer job at Live Zero


September 22nd: Attended the Food’s Future Summit with Cheryl and visited the IRIS fair afterwards (for free!)

The first of our many many adventures. The panel discussion was extremely engaging, and it sparked lots of interesting conversation afterwards!

October 5th: Catherine from Pura Vida HK let me try some of her delicious vegan oats


October 21st: Attended my first ever Pop-up by Social Club event and met the lovely Helen from @socialveganhk

November 4th: Went to the Mayse pizza event at Pop-Up by Social Club hosted by Helen and met Fiona from @littleplantsoul

December 9th: Was invited for a free trial at Bake Your Own and baked my first ever vegan cake with Cheryl 

December 30th: Taste-tested Supabowl’s newest oat bowls and ended the year by hosting our first ever vegan potluck at Vegelink

Met so many wonderful souls, and it was truly the best way to end the year.

It truly has been a year of discovery - of myself, of my interests, and of new people. I’ve grown more assertive and confident my beliefs - all because I made one decision: to start posting photos of my food on Instagram. I really never thought any of these things would or could ever happen, so if anything, I hope this inspires you to take risks, do something unconventional, and try something new in 2019!